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Investment Deposit Accounts

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Ahli Islamic Banking Services’ Investment Deposit products cater to the needs of all types of savers – individuals, companies, firms, societies, government organizations, statutory bodies, public and private institutions etc., whether with small or large capital and allows them to invest their capital and earn competitive returns through Sharia compliant manner

According to the structure of the investment products, by investing in Ahli Islamic Savings Account and Investment Term Deposit Account, the depositor (Rabb ul-Mal) authorizes Ahli Islamic Banking Services (Mudarib) to invest account holder’s funds under the unrestricted Mudaraba contract. The Bank collects these deposits in its Mudaraba pool along the equity of shareholders and invests the capital into profitable business in a Shari’a compliant way. The profit on the Mudaraba pool is distributed amongst the investors, taking into consideration the tenor, amount of the deposit and profit payment frequency for the account. Following are the variants of the investment deposit accounts

  1. Savings Account
  2. Al Namaa Account
  3. Term Investment Account