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BCM Statement

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Business Continuity Risk

The Bank has documented the Business Continuity Management Policy (BCP), which outlines the business continuity process to be followed in a disaster scenario and undertakes comprehensive testing of all its critical systems and processes. The BCP aims to minimize the severity and impact of a disaster while continuing to serve both the business and customers with a lowest achievable detriment in service. The plan considers the following:

  • Disaster scenarios and magnitude
  • Various steps to mitigate the risk
  • Impact on the Bank’s business and operations
  • The resources required for resuming the operations at the earliest possible time following the disaster
  • Operating processes and available systems at the Disaster Recover (DR) site

Business Continuity Test

During the year, the Bank has carried out a comprehensive BCP test and a volume test on a working day in order to test the resilience of the Bank’s business systems at the DR site. The scope of the test was arrived at based on the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) carried by the Bank and the results of the BCP/ volume tests were submitted to the Board. The Bank has in place a crisis management team and the processes to be followed during a disaster scenario has been detailed out in the BCP documents of the Bank.