Dr. Mustaien Ali Abdulhameed | ahli islamic

Dr. Mustaien Ali Abdulhameed

Dr. Mustaien is a member of Sharia Supervisory Board of Ahli Islamic, Ahli Bank SAOG.Dr. Mustaien holdes bachelor of Economics and Political Sciences from Um Derman Islamic University in Sudan , MA and Ph.D. in Islamic Economics from the College of Islamic Sharia at Um ul Qura University in Makka from 1985-1992. Dr. Mustaien worked as Shari’a advisor at the Shari’a Board in Al Bilad Bank (2005-2015) and as Sharia Supervisor and Advisors at Al Rajhi Bank, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1995-2005)

Dr. Mustaien contributed in establishing a number of banks, investment vehicles and Takaful insurance companies in both Sudan and K.S.A.

Dr. Mustaien is a researcher of Islamic economics and Shari’a and has contributed a number of researches and studies on Economics and Shari’a to a number of professional institutes and consultancy firms in K.S.A and the Republic of Sudan.