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Dr. Ahmed Mohiyeldin Ahmed

Dr. Ahmed Mohiyeldin Ahmed is the Chairman of Shari’a Supervisory Board of Ahli Islamic Banking Services, Ahli Islamic Bank SAOG. Dr. Ahmed is Head of Banking Research & Studies Department of Bank’s Establishment and Studies, Al Barakah Group, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ahmed holds PhD in Islamic Economics from Um Al Qorah University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ahmed is a leading spokesman of Shari’a and its application in Islamic finance, and has played vital role by serving several Islamic financial institutions with Shari’a supervisory services. Dr. Ahmed has more than twenty years’ experience of Shari’a supervision of Islamic financing institutions and sits on Shari’a Supervisory Board of several Islamic financial institutions including:

  • Member of Shari’a Unified panel , Al Barakah Banking Group
  • Member of the Executive committee , Shari’a unified panel – ABG
  • Member of Shari’a Board of Saudi Egyptian Finance Bank
  • Member of Shari’a Board , RHB Bank Malaysia
  • Shari’a Advisor , Al-Tawfeeq Company for financing lease (Egypt)
  • EX. member of board of directors , Al Tawfeeq and Al – Ameen Company
  • EX. member of the executive committee , Al -Tawfeeq & Al – Ameen Company
  • Expert in the international Islamic Fiqh Academy

Dr. Ahmed is well known for his extensive contribution for the institutionalization of Islamic banking and finance industry through his immense contribution with research, studies and practices.