Dr. Abdulrauf Abdullah Hamood Al Tubi | ahli islamic

Dr. Abdulrauf Abdullah Hamood Al Tubi

Dr. Abdulrauf is a member of Sharia Supervisory Board of Ahli Islamic, Ahli Bank SAOG. Dr. Abdulrauf has a PhD in Law from International Islamic University Malaysia, Master of Law – LLM in Law from UK and Bachelor Degree in Sharia Judicial Science. Dr. Abdulrauf is a highly talented, knowledgeable and an experienced Legal Professional. Currently, Dr. Abdul Rauf is working as the Legal Manager and Board Secretary of Abraj Energy Services SAOG and previously he held the following positions:

  • Legal Advisor, The Wave Muscat SAOC, Oman;
  • Company Secretary & Manager Corporate Services, Electricity Holding Company SAOC, Oman;
  • Legal Practitioner & Advisor, Dr. Tariq Al-Bosaidi legal Services & Consultancy Bureau, Oman;
  • Vice-President & Senior legal Counsel of IFA, Malaysia;
  • Director of IT Dept., The Ministry of Interior, Oman;
  • Director of Computer & Statistics Depts. MOI, Oman;
  • In Charge, Human Resource Development Dept., MOI, Oman;
  • Administrator of National E-tally, MOI, Oman;
  • Legal & ICT Trainee & Scholar, the Queens’ University of Belfast, UK;
  • Minister’s Office Staff Member, MOI, Oman;
  • Judicial Trainee, the Primary Court Izki, Ministry of Justice, Oman