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Ahli Islamic Qitaf Cash Prize Scheme evokes good response

The Qitaf Prize Scheme, launched by Ahli Islamic, the Islamic banking window of Ahli Bank has received good response. Recently launched, the scheme is in line with the Bank’s vision to offer innovative banking solutions to its clients in Muscat and across Oman.

“The new Shari’a compliant account Qitaf, which is based on the sharia principle of Mudaraba, offers customers the opportunity to invest their capital in profitable assets, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to qualify for cash prizes, through a draw system, subject to a number of criteria set by the Bank.” Said Yousuf bin Salim Al Rawahi, Deputy General Manager and Head of Ahli Islamic.

Ahli Islamic customers expressed their appreciation for the launch of the account. The Qitaf account not just helps in savings but also allows to qualify for prizes worth more than RO 1 million. This new scheme has received good response in terms of enquiries, increased deposits and the customers are happy to invest and save for the future.

Qitaf account holders can win valuable prizes. Salary account or a daily transactions account can also be used to participate in the draw. The account holders can withdraw cash through OmanNet ATMs across Oman and enjoy free internet and mobile banking services.

The account holders are eligible for weekly, monthly, quarterly and special occasion draws from the beginning of 2020. The weekly draws offer guaranteed cash prizes for two winners from each branch of Ahli Islamic Bank. Each winner will be rewarded RO 250. The monthly draws will be held during eight months of the year. The quarterly draws, which will take place in March, June, September and December will offer a prize money of RO 100,000 to one winner across the Bank’s branch network. A special draw will be held on the occasion of the 50th National Day.

Qitaf account holders are automatically eligible for weekly, monthly and special draws once the average minimum balance of OMR 100 is maintained in the account, while the minimum eligibility for the quarterly draw is OMR 1,000. With unique savings opportunities coupled with maximum customer convenience, Qitaf is looking to instill a culture of savings among its customers and reward them for their loyalty and support.